VAIOT Solutions


Virtual AI Legal Assistant

Combining blockchain (and the concept of smart contracts), AI, and natural user interface, VAIOT will introduce its Virtual AI Legal Assistant to the market, focusing on law firms, businesses, and individual consumers.

  • Effortless communication with technology via a natural user interface makes requesting and obtaining certain legal services, such as creating contracts, as easy as having a conversation.
  • Simply answer a few questions and your contract will be generated automatically, both in a traditional, written, ready-to-sign form, and as a digital contract, based on the blockchain.
  • No legal or technical knowledge is required.
  • VAIOT utilizes a vast database comprising the legal codes and best practices specific to each supported region.
  • Designed for both law professionals and everyday consumers.

AI-backed Digital Service Distribution Channel

As customers expect easier, quicker, and cheaper solutions as well as new digital channels for buying services and conducting instant transactions, VAIOT offers the Virtual AI Assistant to meet those expectations.

  • The personal assistant functionality with a natural user interface offers a new level of customer experience.
  • Users can easily purchase your products and services or communicate with you digitally through an automated service distribution channel.
  • The customer simply makes his request to the AI assistant and provides input data as requested – the technology takes care of the rest.
  • As an efficient and innovative channel for sales, marketing and customer service, the Virtual AI Assistant simplifies business processes and reduces costs for both enterprises and consumers.
  • Blockchain provides an additional level of security, protecting customer interests.

Targeted industries

VAIOT will become indispensable for multiple industries. Imagine your clients opening an intuitive application where the Virtual AI Assistant, capable of understanding both speech and the written word, suggests a suitable product or service based on the customer’s needs, quickly and effortlessly.

VAIOT will initially focus on:


Insur Tech


VAIOT will allow customers to buy a variety of services including, for example, car or travel insurance. Thanks to the AI Virtual Assistant, VAIOT will be able to support purchase decisions and sales processes, creating a brand new service distribution channel.


Legal Tech


The Virtual AI Legal Assistant will be offered to end users in two different models – B2B and B2C. In the B2B model, the product will be offered to businesses that wish to benefit from technological support in their daily legal processes. Whether it’s a law firm trying to cut costs and save the time of its employees, or a medium-sized company with a small, overloaded legal department, VAIOT’s AI Legal Assistant will provide support in generating legal contracts based on its extensive database. In the B2C model, VAIOT will offer legal services to individual customers, allowing them to save money on lawyers and vastly simplifying the process of preparing contracts.