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VAIOT enables both businesses and consumers to utilize a set of technologies called Intelligent Contracts. It serves as a personal assistant, available on mobile devices via a simple natural user interface (e.g. voice conversation), providing:

  • AI-based legal services, such as intelligently creating custom contracts (both printable, traditional written contracts, as well as digital versions, securely stored on the blockchain).
  • A novel, intelligent service distribution channel that empowers businesses to adapt to modern customers by providing a new way of accessing services.

The VAIOT Solution


Think of VAIOT as uniquely combining the skills and knowledge of a lawyer, a blockchain programmer, and a personal assistant. VAIOT utilizes multiple AI mechanisms, such as natural language processing, to create a new channel for delivering and accessing various services with vastly improved user experience.

Virtual AI Legal Assistant

Combining blockchain (and the concept of smart contracts), AI, and natural user interface, VAIOT will introduce its Virtual AI Legal Assistant to the market, focusing on law firms, businesses and individual consumers.

  • Effortless communication with technology via a natural user interface makes requesting and obtaining certain legal services, such as creating contracts, as easy as having a conversation.
  • Simply answer a few questions and your contract will be generated automatically, both in a traditional, written, ready-to-sign form, and as a digital contract, based on the blockchain.
  • No legal or technical knowledge is required.
  • VAIOT utilizes a vast database comprising the legal codes and best practices specific to each supported region.
  • Designed for both law professionals and everyday consumers.
AI-backed Digital Service Distribution Channel

As customers expect easier, quicker, and cheaper solutions as well as new digital channels for buying services and conducting instant transactions, VAIOT offers the Virtual AI Assistant to meet those expectations.

  • The personal assistant functionality with a natural user interface offers a new level of customer experience.
  • Users can easily purchase your products and services or communicate with you digitally through an automated service distribution channel.
  • The customer simply makes his request to the AI assistant and provides input data as requested – the technology takes care of the rest.
  • As an efficient and innovative channel for sales, marketing and customer service, the Virtual AI Assistant simplifies business processes and reduces costs for both enterprises and consumers.
  • Blockchain provides an additional level of security, protecting customer interests.

Targeted industries


VAIOT will become indispensable for multiple industries. Imagine your clients opening an intuitive application where the Virtual AI Assistant, capable of understanding both speech and the written word, suggests a suitable product or service based on the customer’s needs, quickly and effortlessly.

VAIOT will initially focus on:

Insur Tech

VAIOT will allow customers to buy a variety of services including, for example, car or travel insurance. Thanks to the AI Virtual Assistant, VAIOT will be able to support purchase decisions and sales processes, creating a brand new service distribution channel.

Legal Tech

The Virtual AI Legal Assistant will be offered to end users in two different models – B2B and B2C. In the B2B model, the product will be offered to businesses that wish to benefit from technological support in their daily legal processes. Whether it’s a law firm trying to cut costs and save the time of its employees, or a medium-sized company with a small, overloaded legal department, VAIOT’s AI Legal Assistant will provide support in generating legal contracts based on its extensive database. In the B2C model, VAIOT will offer legal services to individual customers, allowing them to save money on lawyers and vastly simplifying the process of preparing contracts.

VAIOT serves both businesses and consumers

  • General
    • High availability (24/7/365) and easy access to services and distribution channels as well as almost immediate contract generation.
    • Enhanced user experience due to the utilization of a personal assistant with a natural user interface.
    • Advanced security thanks to blockchain and cryptography.
    • New data-gathering tools for enterprises.
    • Greater speed and efficiency of both business and daily operations thanks to automatization and natural user interface.
  • Virtual AI Legal Assistant
    • Provides faster and more affordable legal services, instantly available to a wide customer base.
    • Creates quality contracts (both printable and ready-to-sign, as well as highly secure blockchain-based digital versions), replacing uncertain, risky contract templates and expensive, time-consuming legal services.
    • Automates basic legal processes, reducing costs, increasing efficiency and allowing legal professionals to focus on more advanced tasks.
    • Allows for gradual digitization of contracts on the blockchain, matching the pace of digital transformation in the legal sector and enhancing traditional, written contracts with additional security, transparency, and the introduction of execution rules.
  • AI-backed Digital Service Distribution Channel
    • A brand new, AI-based digital channel for marketing, sales, distribution and communication, enabling a whole new level of personalized customer service.
    • Reduced operational costs for businesses thanks to process improvement and automation.
    • The personal assistant supports the acquisition of goods and services tailored to the specific user, i.a. by suggesting best offers.
    • The recordation of transactions on the blockchain allows for non-repudiation, greater transparency, and increased security.

Intelligent Contracts

Technology overview


    VAIOT’s proprietary distributed network concept, where Artificial Intelligence and blockchain are inseparably linked. AI algorithms, settled on-chain and taking part in the consensus algorithm, are necessary for the Intelligent Contract creation process. Blockchain confirms that every network participant is certain about the decisions made by AI and ensures that it cannot be manipulated or influenced from outside of the network. Both technologies have multiple dependencies within VAIBC.

  • AI Virtual Assistant

    The AI Virtual Assistant is a personal tool representing the ideal, natural user interface for the creation of Intelligent Contracts and acquisition of various products and services within the new digital service distribution channel. It ensures seamless experience, allowing the user to communicate with the VAIOT platform in a natural way and obtain goods and services more efficiently and affordably, with full data support and transparency. The assistant brings all the background processes together, as the Intelligent Contract is created in both human readable (printable, ready-to-sign) and coded form.

  • IBM Watson

    IBM Watson is one of the most recognized business solutions, utilizing the latest innovations in machine learning to support automation and optimization of complex processes. Its powerful tools, together with VAIOT proprietary algorithms, form most components of the platform, such as the AI Virtual Assistant or the VAIOT Code Generation Engine.

  • Cosmos SDK

    The Cosmos SDK is an open-source framework for building blockchains in an application-specific manner, within which VAIOT leverages its own proprietary solution.
    Modular structure provides heavily tested and fully customizable components that firmly bootstrap VAIOT applications. Cosmos breaks the barriers between blockchains by allowing them to communicate with each other in a decentralized way. Its features include scalability, modularity (consensus, networking and application layers) and interoperability. Cosmos SDK utilizes the Tendermint consensus algorithm for securely and consistently replicating an application on machines, even if one third of all nodes are malicious.

  • VAIOT Code Generation Engine (VCGE)

    AI combined with the VAIOT Code Generation Engine (VCGE) allows for the automatic conversion of an abstract description into an executable program, based on blockchain. A user-friendly application will allow consumers to input only the core elements of the contract. The AI will then identify the basic contract patterns and convert them into a clean and standardized Intelligent Contract. Certain aspects of the contract are coded and whenever set conditions are met, the contract is executed and an irreversible entry is made in the blockchain ledger. The usage of AI models guarantees the highest level of security of Intelligent Contracts and excellent code performance.

Team of Professionals


  • Christoph Surgowt
  • Harald Melzer
  • Ph.D. Olivier Hance
  • Pawel Stopczynski
  • Grant Blaisdell
  • +24

    advisors and specialists in the area of cryptography, artificial intelligence, blockchain, business administration, law, marketing, graphical design, user experience, software development and more

VAIOT Roadmap


  • The idea of VAIOT was born

    A group of researchers and technology enthusiasts come together to work on the technology of Intelligent Contracts and the VAIOT product concept.

  • Founding of VAIOT

    VAIOT is founded; technology development and the concept creation process accelerate. Development and business teams are formed.

  • VAIOT joins world’s first integrated framework for ICO regulation

    Company incorporated in Malta to become a part of the world’s first integrated framework for ICO regulation.

  • Launch of the first, private round of funding for the VAIOT project

    First round of funding successfully launches, with the aim of accelerating further development of the project. The initial investment round brings 1.500.000 EUR.

  • VAIOT and Maltese VFA Act

    Preparation of all the required documents for VAIOT to become one of the first Virtual Financial Assets (VFAs) falling under the Maltese cryptocurrency regulations.

  • VAIOT-IBM project launched

    VAIOT and IBM launch a development project with the goal to produce VAIOT’s MVP.

  • VFA status obtained and private phase of the Initial VFA Offering

    VFA status to be obtained and the private phase of the token sale to be completed.

  • VAIOT application MVP to be presented

    Initial phase of the VAIOT-IBM cooperation to be completed.

  • Extending the Intelligent Contracts database and working on the launch of the Virtual AI Sales Assistant

    Extending the list of agreements forming the database for the contract generation engine. Virtual AI Sales Assistant (VAIOT’s business line 1) prepared and ready for market launch.

  • Virtual AI Sales Assistant

    Business Line 1: tailored-made mobile app for companies seeking new, digital sales channels utilizing the Intelligent Contracts component. Crucial for the development of the AI Legal Assistant (data needed to improve algorithms).

  • Virtual AI Insurance Aggregator & Broker

    Business Line 2: a B2C mobile app allowing consumers to compare and buy insurance products from different insurers with the use of the voice interface and AI-based Intelligent Contracts developed by VAIOT. Crucial for the development of the AI Legal Assistant (data needed to improve algorithms)

  • Intelligent Contracts Interoperability

    The development of AI mechanisms allowing to use other blockchain networks for data exchange, transmission, processing, and storage.

  • Virtual AI Legal Assistant for Consumers (flagship application)

    Business Line 3: a B2C/C2C mobile app enabling consumers (incl. private entrepreneurs and micro/mini enterprises) to create Intelligent Contracts utilizing natural user interface, with advanced AI serving as a personal legal assistant for creating contracts and and negotiating them in real time between the parties involved; to be used for drafting other legal documents (e.g. testaments).

  • Migration to a proprietary blockchain solution

    VAI Token migration from ETH standard to the native VAIOT blockchain based on Cosmos.

  • Single interface for blockchains

    VAIOT brings the concept of network interoperability to a single standardized format accessed via a natural user interface.

VAIBC technology concept


VAIBC is characterized by an inseparable connection between AI and blockchain. VAIOT’s design entails the mutual dependency of these technologies. In the VAIBC concept, AI becomes the crucial component for network consensus and the creation of Intelligent Contracts, with blockchain serving as the underlying structure for the settlement of AI algorithms.

In the Intelligent Contracts technology, blockchain allows not only for immutability of transactions (data and value exchange) but also for immutability of the AI algorithms. They cannot be modified freely without the unambiguous decision of validators.

Powered by IBM WATSON


VAIOT utilizes IBM Watson components, taking advantage of the latest innovations in machine learning. Watson’s openness and flexibility allows us to use this technology in almost every area of the VAIOT project, from contract generation to the development of intelligent distribution channels.

We use and plan to use IBM Watson further for:

  • Conversion from speech to text
  • Conversion from text to speech
  • Analysis of voice tone
  • Understanding of natural language
  • Understanding of formal language
  • Classifying natural language
  • Guaranteeing security of transactions
  • Pattern recognition
  • Image recognition
  • Optical character recognition
  • Language translation
  • Ensuring the highest level of user experience

The VAI Token


The VAI Token is the digital currency of the VAIOT platform, reflecting the network’s value, crucial for the proper functioning of the underlying VAIBC technology.

VAI Tokens are used as:

  • A payment method for goods and services offered on the VAIOT platform,
  • Payback bonus after a purchase is completed by the user in the intelligent service distribution channel,
  • Rewards for nodes securing the network.

VAI Tokens will initially use the Ethereum token standard and eventually migrated to a proprietary blockchain solution based on Cosmos.

For a detailed description of the token economy please consult the project documentation.

  • Token symbol
  • Total Number of Tokens
    800,000,000 VAI
  • Distribution
  • Use of Funds
Staking rewards
Token Sale
Marketing &
  • Distribution
  • Use of Funds