AI-Driven LegalTech Solutions Powered By The First VFAA-Regulated Digital Asset and Decentralized Law Mechanics

VAIOT offers a portfolio of AI-powered LegalTech and Decentralized Law solutions integrated with blockchain to provide businesses and consumers with automated legal support and contracts to cover various transactions. Faster, easier, and affordable. Learn more about VAIOT.

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AI Legal Assistant

Generating Intelligent Contracts (the concept of smart contracts) through AI-driven conversational flows, focusing on both contract analysis and automatic creation of ready-to-sign, traditional contracts, and their digital equivalents.

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AI Crypto Protection Broker & Aggregator

An AI-driven solution that uses our AI Assistant’s interface to aggregate products and services and distribute them to consumers through highly-personalized offers and recommendations.

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AI Merchant (Sales Assistant)

An AI Assistant as a new digital channel for intelligent shopping, buying services, and conducting instant transactions, providing consumers with easier, faster, and more affordable ways to access services offered by various businesses


Announcing the 2024 Launch of Legal Torch

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We are proud to introduce Legal Torch, developed by VAIOT- an innovative LegalTech solution launching to the European market by the end of 2024, designed to transform the way individuals and businesses navigate legal complexities. As users grow comfortable with our AI features, Legal Torch will progressively introduce advanced Web3 functionalities to meet our goal- onboard Web2 users into Web3 space, driving widespread blockchain adoption in the legal domain.

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VAIOT Pillars

Invest in Advanced AI and Blockchain Solutions

pros-1-xml Regulated, audited, and transparent

VAIOT's AI Tokens are regulated as Virtual Financial Assets under Maltese law. According to the Virtual Financial Assets Act, our company, the project, and the token offering itself were audited several times, verified, and approved by Grant Thornton and the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). We purposefully chose a regulated environment to provide our investors with the necessary security.

pros-2-xml Real AI use cases for both businesses and consumers

Using a simple Natural User Interface, our Intelligent Virtual Assistants will allow you to purchase products and services such as insurance or conclude transactions backed by VAIOT's Intelligent Contracts anywhere and at any time. Our Assistants will help businesses by acting as innovative service distribution channels and personal assistants for acquiring services such as legal services and contracts. Applications are unlimited, however, for now, VAIOT focuses on insurance and legal.

pros-3-xml Solutions developed with tech giants

We combine AI & Blockchain to create innovative solutions allowing us to take what's best from both technologies. Our Proof of Concept was done jointly with our partner IBM, based on their battle-tested IBM Watson. It allowed our developers to move swiftly to further stages of the development process and accelerated our path to a market-ready solution.

pros-4-xml VAIOT AI Assistant

VAIOT Intelligent Virtual Assistant developed based on our Proof of Concept with IBM is ready to deliver after several rounds of beta testing.

pros-5-xml Token utility

We have designed the token economy to enable the token's natural flow within VAIOT solutions, which is visible in the Payback Program. We also aim to mitigate the risks associated with the price volatility with VAIOT's Value Assurance System. With VAIOT's token economy, the end-user doesn't need to know anything about the underlying technology or tokens to benefit from it while still positively influencing the network.

pros-6-xml Strong team & partners

We are the interdisciplinary team of individuals holding professional backgrounds in Blockchain, AI, Software Development, Cryptography, Project Management, Marketing, Sales, and more. Feel free to meet each of us on LinkedIn.


VAIOT Solutions

VAIOT's solutions offer a new, intelligent channel for service distribution and transactions by uniquely combining the skills and knowledge of a sales rep, an analyst, a lawyer, a programmer, and a personal assistant. VAIOT utilizes multiple AI mechanisms, such as natural language processing, to create a new channel for delivering and accessing various services with vastly improved user experience.


Intelligent Contracts

VAIOT is using GPT-4o for branching the AI conversational flow and covering the unstructured parts of the user flow. GPT proves to be extremely useful while sourcing legal and public administration information to provide guidance due to its broad general knowledge and problem-solving abilities. GPT-4 is also set to revolutionize VAIOT AI Legal Assistance general operative model as described in Technological Landscape section above.

VAIOT is using Microsoft Luis (Language Understanding Intelligent Services), a cloud-based conversational AI service, for the most structured part of its assistant’s conversational flows. Luis is governing users core path in VAIOT systems allowing to apply custom ML intelligence to a user’s conversational, natural language text to predict overall meaning and pull-out relevant information.

IBM Watson is one of the most recognized business solutions, utilizing the latest innovations in machine learning to support automation and optimization of complex processes. Its powerful tools, together with VAIOT proprietary algorithms, form most components of the platform, such as the AI Virtual Assistant or the VAIOT Code Generation Engine.

Polygon PoS is one of the most used protocols in the world. The network has tens of thousands of dApps, more than 3 million average daily transactions, $5 billion in secured assets, and some of the top brands building on it.

VAIOT develops its own proprietary ML algorithms for the purpose of advanced contract drafting and generation, contract analysis (e.g., risk flagging) and legal research. Paired with the capabilities of the solutions described above we receive a highly specialized technology stack allowing to perform specific legal and administrative tasks.

AI combined with the VAIOT Code Generation Engine (VCGE) allows for the automatic conversion of an abstract description into an executable program, based on blockchain. A user-friendly application will allow consumers to input only the core elements of the contract. The AI will then identify the basic contract patterns and convert them into a clean and standardized Intelligent Contract. Certain aspects of the contract are coded and whenever set conditions are met, the contract is executed and an irreversible entry is made in the blockchain ledger. The usage of AI models guarantees the highest level of security of Intelligent Contracts and excellent code performance.

VAIOT’s proprietary distributed network concept, where Artificial Intelligence and blockchain are inseparably linked. AI algorithms, settled on-chain and taking part in the consensus algorithm, are necessary for the Intelligent Contract creation process.

Blockchain confirms that every network participant is certain about the decisions made by AI and ensures that it cannot be manipulated or influenced from outside of the network. Both technologies have multiple dependencies within VAIBC.

The AI Virtual Assistant is a personal tool representing the ideal, natural user interface for the creation of Intelligent Contracts and acquisition of various products and services within the new digital service distribution channel. It ensures seamless experience, allowing the user to communicate with the VAIOT platform in a natural way and obtain goods and services more efficiently and affordably, with full data support and transparency. The assistant brings all the background processes together, as the Intelligent Contract is created in both human readable (printable, ready-to-sign) and coded form.


Powered by IBM Watson

VAIOT's AI solutions leverage the most recent advances in machine learning by utilizing IBM Watson components. Due to Watson's flexibility and openness, VAIOT can use it in almost every aspect of our project, from contract generation to the development of intelligent distribution channels.

VAIOT-IBM joint Proof of Concept project explained


Token Allocation

VAI Tokens hold the regulatory status of Virtual Financial Assets (the first-ever regulated project in Malta).

The VAI Token is the digital currency of the VAIOT platform, set to incentivize users to utilize VAIOT's solutions through systems like the Payback Program, which is fueled by VAIs and is crucial for the functionality of the underlying VAIBC technology

VAI Tokens are used as:

  • Payback Bonus in VAI after a purchase is completed by the user in one of VAIOT's solutions,
  • Payment method for goods and services offered via VAIOT solutions,
  • Voting power and holder verification for VAIOT's dispute resolving system,
  • Fee reduction for services purchased through VAIOT solutions when paying in VAI,
  • Staking on VAIOT's staking portals and CEXes,
  • Micro-licensing fees for VAIOT's legal documentation marketplace,
  • Bidding medium for Confidential Documents Auctions,
  • Access to premium assistant's capabilities and features for holders of staked assets.

VAI Tokens are available on both Ethereum and Polygon network. VAIOT's mainnet blockchain functions are integrated with a proprietary private blockchain built on top of Polygon Edge and operated on the Polygon mainnet network.


Total Number of Tokens 400 000 000 VAI


The first VFAA-regulated Token Sale

IVFAO ? - Public sale of VAIOT's Virtual Financial Assets

Refundable Strong Holder Offering (rSHO) of VAI Tokens by DAO Maker

EUR 0.1

rSHO token price


rSHO date

EUR 250 000


EUR 78.7M 

on-chain wealth staked to get an allocation



Research Page



Grant Thornton Limited, acting as our VFA Agent accredited by Maltese authorities, provides continuous support and guidance to VAIOT enabling compliance with applicable rules set out by the VFA Act.

“It's always exciting to break new ground. VAIOT is pioneering one of the first IVFAOs, pushing forward a novel asset class to develop its virtual assistant product. We look forward to continue engaging with, assisting, and advising the industry, as well as influencing the debate over how these virtual assistants and digital financial assets will evolve going forward.”


Partner responsible for regulatory and compliance services at Grant Thornton


Partner responsible for regulatory and compliance services at Grant Thornton



Team of Professionals

Pawel Stopczyński

CEO & Director

Researcher and R&D projects coordinator with a cybersecurity background. At VAIOT, as one of the co-founders, for 6 years he led and executed research and development activities setting goals and creating a vision for Product Development as a whole. Currently, the CEO and Director at VAIOT Limited, responsible for strategic management and supervision over VAIOT's wide array of operations while still being strongly involved in R&D and Product Development areas on an operational level. Previously an R&D Director and Co-Founder at Veriori (, a next-generation product authentication company utilizing Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Responsible for concept design and implementation of Veriori’s products and technology. Before, he acted as an R&D Director and Co-Founder at UseCrypt (, where he was responsible for technology development and implementation of UseCrypt products. In 2009, he developed an innovative encryption method with the use of encryption key sharing. This technology is the foundation of the solutions offered by UseCrypt. Since 2004, he has been involved in the development of eighteen IT (Poland, UK) projects, mainly in the private sector. Speaker at several IT conferences and organizer of two TEDx conferences. Awarded, among others, with a gold medal at the Concours Lépine 2019 International Innovation Fair 2019 in Paris and a gold medal of the Minister of Defense of the French Republic for cryptographically secured 2D codes.

Pawel Andruszkiewicz


IT Project Manager & Operations Manager with Information Security, Audit & Compliance and Transition & Transformation (T&T) background. At VAIOT, responsible for the overall, operational project management, coordination across all functional areas and implementation of the project management framework and good practices. Previously, acted as a Project Management Director at Veriori S.A., where he was responsible for leading and managing IT & development projects (including international clients from France, Luxemburg, etc.). As a PM led international T&T, R&D, and audit/compliance projects for companies such as e.g. Atos or BNP Paribas and worked with e.g. Royal Mail Group, Aviva, Nomad Foods. Managed projects in the area of network infrastructure, information security, and systems development (over five million EUR) for institutional clients in the UK and Poland. Managed project teams 5-30 professionals. He previously managed Information Security & Audit structure delivering internal and external services, including the role of Internal/External Auditor and management of Infosec projects.

MicrosoftTeams-image (15)
Mariusz Wojtkowiak

Product Owner

IT Product Owner and Product Development Manager with over four years of professional experience developing chat and voice bots. At VAIOT responsible for managing the product development processes using the Scrum framework and strongly focusing on developing various use-cases for Intelligent Contracts and enhancing other VAIOT solutions. Previously, worked for several companies being part of the development teams creating Intelligent Virtual Assistants, voice bots, and chatbots for different business use cases and clients. He managed a product team of 5 professionals working on utilizing AI Assistants for marketing purposes, HR processes, and creating voice bots for customers from the medical, financial, or automotive sectors. As a Product Owner, he has successfully contributed to many exciting and, until now, prospecting projects.

Szymon Reddig

Lead Developer

As a software developer with a few years of experience in frontend development using React and NextJS, he has contributed to a range of exciting projects in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. He created a fully functional Python trading bot for a popular cryptocurrency trading group and has also helped to create a DAO for one of the most well-known NFT galleries. In addition, he has designed and implemented multiple minting pages and smart contracts for NFT projects and developed a range of tools for cryptocurrency traders, such as a wallet whale tracker and a tool that allows users to purchase NFTs based on their attributes and price. He has also worked on a freelance basis for a company that audits contracts and has launched ERC20 tokens with carefully considered tokenomics.

Olena Piddubniak
Olena Piddubniak

Marketing Manager

With over five years of experience leading marketing initiatives, Olena brings unprecedented expertise in strategic planning and research-driven campaigns to drive significant user acquisition. Her hands-on experience at Innervoices, an AI startup developing personalized mental wellness support using advanced AI techniques, underscores her capacity to make significant contributions to our team as we enhance our AI and blockchain solutions. Olena is a results-driven professional known for her ability to craft and implement comprehensive go-to-market strategies that resonate with target audiences and yield substantial outcomes. Her proficiency in data analytics is particularly valuable, providing critical insights that help shape and refine our product offerings. At VAIOT, Olena oversees all marketing initiatives, guiding our branding, demand generation, and multi-channel campaigns aimed at expanding our global user base. Her strategic vision and leadership are instrumental in enhancing our market presence and driving our marketing efforts forward.

Stephany Oliveros

Product Marketing Manager

With experience in both the UK and Spain, she has honed her skills in leading cross-functional teams and driving innovation in tech-centric environments. Having studied psychology and medical physics, and holding certifications in AI implementation, she possesses a deep understanding of the intersection between technology, science, and human behaviour. Her previous roles in crypto, VR, and AI companies have equipped her with valuable insights into product ideation, strategic partnerships, and market positioning. Her passion for continuous learning and her commitment to driving positive change through technology will contribute to VAIOT’s success by driving product growth by supporting the marketing team and contributing to the product’s development.

Artur Szachno

Director & MLRO

A graduate of the Military University of Technology with a degree in Cybernetics and of postgraduate studies in information security management. Information systems auditor (CISA – Certified Information Systems Auditor, member of ISACA). He holds Prince2 and AGILE project management certificates. Since the beginning of his professional career, he has been working in the field of technical support and the development and maintenance of ICT systems. He has worked in successive positions from a technician to an engineer to a specialist focused on improving the efficiency and security of ICT systems. He secured the operation of wired and radio communication systems, including satellite communications, in Poland and abroad, carried out within the Polish Armed Forces as well as NATO military missions within the structures of special forces. He held the position of Chief Technical Officer in the Business Solutions and Special Solutions departments of Siltec and he was responsible for secure communication systems as the Director of Implementations at Cryptomind SA. As part of his educational work, he taught at the following universities: The Higher School of Economics and Information Technology (later VISTULA University) in Warsaw and Wszechnica Polska University in Warsaw. Since its inception, he has been working for VAIOT as the Director and Money Laundering Reporting Officer.

Tomasz Mutschke

Project Implementation Manager

A highly motivated and results-oriented professional with over 10 years of experience securing funding, managing projects, and advising businesses and public sector entities on strategic development. He secured over €24 million in funding through successful grant applications for national, international, and corporate projects including R&D. His proven ability to lead and coordinate cross-functional teams led to the delivery of projects on time, within budget, and achieved significant benefits. Throughout a career in public administration, he has had the privilege of working closely with teams responsible for groundbreaking ideas. This experience has taught him the importance of combining creativity with pragmatism to turn ideas into reality. This skill will be crucial in implementing VAIOT's solutions in public administration in the EU. At VAIOT he will also be responsible for consulting on product development issues at the concept and specification level.

Michal Szachno

Blockchain Consultant

An early adopter of blockchain technology and digital assets investor since 2015. Specialist in blockchain technology and ICO industry. From the beginning of his professional career, he has been working on systems utilizing distributed registers for various business applications such as e.g. product and document authentication. He specializes in token economics modeling, product design, and management, trading strategies as well as the development of ICO marketing strategies. In the supported projects, he focused on the effective use of technology along with ensuring a high level of usability. Holding several years of experience in conducting IT training, including the creation of curricula and organization of training programs. Skilled in software development for industrial automation solutions. Before starting his professional career, he was awarded in few technical competitions, among others, by the J.P. Morgan foundation for inventiveness and innovation.

Julita Skowronska

Operations Manager

An experienced professional responsible for operational activity management and a lawyer specializing in the field of corporate law, personal data protection law (GDPR), and new technology law. For the last two years she acted as a proxy and legal advisor to the management board in the joint-stock company Veriori ( Previously at UseCrypt S.A. (, she was responsible for supporting product development in regards to GDPR, GDPR training for clients, as well as legal services and partnerships. Since 2009, she runs her own business, providing legal services, training, management, and consulting services with a special focus on startups.

Ilona Rychlewska

Project Manager

Her professional experience began within the employer branding and recruitment area in multinational, corporate environment. During her two years in the recruitment marketing she gained first experiences in project and stakeholder management while running partnerships and event engagement, supporting strategic campaign creation and co-managing company’s social media. She participated in several brand awareness projects on both national and global level in close collaboration with the leadership stakeholders, communication and recruitment teams. At VAIOT she will be responsible for project and operational management support, including process coordination for product development and marketing divisions. Ilona will utilize her experience working with marketing tools and professionals to actively support and organize the information flow and cooperation between the Operations Team, developers, and the Marketing and Community Management Team.

Maria Masini

Social Media Marketing Intern

A skilled communications professional with experience in social media management, content creation and digital marketing strategies within a governmental authority. Her expertise lies in crafting engaging content tailored to specific marketing campaigns and audience demographics. Maria has proven skills in social media analytics, monitoring performance metrics and optimizing content strategies accordingly. Complementing her hands-on social media marketing experience, Maria holds a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and has completed training in graphic design using Adobe Creative Cloud. This blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills positions her well for the social media intern role at VAIOT. Her creativity, coupled with a scientific background from her Master’s degree at the University of Malta, provides a unique perspective valuable for VAIOT’s success. At VAIOT, Maria collaborates closely with the marketing team, contributing to ongoing campaigns and initiatives, ensuring a cohesive and impactful social media presence for VAIOT.

Christoph Surgowt

Strategic Advisor

With over three decades of experience in managing innovative projects and high-profile human resources, Christoph Surgowt offers a unique blend of leadership, vision, and knowledge as well as strategic thinking about innovative business worldwide. As the Co-founder and CEO of VAIOT Limited, Christoph was responsible for running all facets of the business, supported by a proven executive management track record in driving sales growth in the IT and media industry. Earlier he was supporting growth and strategic management at Veriori S.A., a software development company delivering solutions allowing to protect and verify the authenticity of products, protect brands and control supply chains utilizing blockchain and artificial intelligence. Before Christoph acted as the Chief Executive Officer for USECRYPT S.A. From mid-2015 until 2018, he was responsible for the entire operational management structure and all sales and marketing activities, with a particular focus on the development of a new generation IT encryption platforms called UseCrypt Safe and UseCrypt Messenger, aimed at both the B2B and government sectors. Previously, he served for fifteen years as the Managing Director of ASTRA Poland and subsequently ASTRA CEE, belonging to Luxembourgish SES – the world leader in satellite operations, operating the biggest satellite fleet worldwide. Christoph has also held executive leadership roles in many other international companies. After more than a decade at Polish Public Television, he decided to enter the private sector, joining the German company Kathrein KG – one of the first world leaders in satellite hardware manufacturing. Subsequently, he became Deputy Managing Director of the South African/Dutch Multichoice EE enterprise. Christoph was chiefly responsible for the marketing and distribution of FilmNet, the first Pay-TV channel in Europe.

Daniel Lenikus

Marketing Advisor

Daniel Lenikus is an entrepreneur from Vienna, Austria, who is involved in the blockchain & crypto space since early 2017. Over the last few years, he has acquired comprehensive knowledge in the fields of digital currencies, tokenization, and go-to-market strategy. For two years he is the CEO of BlockExpo GmbH which specializes in conferences, community building and strategic consulting. This has resulted in projects such as the ANON Summit (the largest blockchain conference in the DACH region), Vienna Blockchain Week and Block&Wine (Austria's fastest-growing tech community).

Michael Beches

Growth Advisor

During his studies in economic law in Vienna, Michael was deeply involved in developing various start-ups. Michael is a co-founder of BlockExpo GmbH. A Viennese company that supports the Blockchain ecosystem in Austria with conferences and strategic consulting. The flagship project of the company is the ANON Summit. An annual, two-day conference with over 1000 visitors from over 50 nations and a clear focus on blockchain use cases from different industries. Michael continues to be intensely involved in strategic consulting for companies and managers. As an interface between our marketing and sales department, he helps to optimize processes and drive growth through digitization tools.

William De'Ath


William is an accomplished and future-minded professional with extensive experience in business development across varied sectors and global markets. A passion for tech & scientific innovation is his driving force. A native "Londoner" he now bases himself in Switzerland and most recently, he has led sales-marketing-business-product development projects with cutting edge Artificial Intelligence ( |, Blockchain ( | ) and novel DNA test start-ups ( William brings 25 years of negotiation experience from senior positions developing enterprise partners such as SGS, Cargill, ExxonMobil, Trafigura, BASF, Dow and Ineos. He also led pioneering entrepreneurial moves as Founder of London based companies Auriga; Waterline and establishing a new European department for SSY New York.

Jacek Pomorski


Head of Advisory Board and former (2014-2018) CEO of NEUROHM, a global technology provider in the field of applied consumer neuroscience. NEUROHM develops and licenses throughout the world innovative methods, metrics and tools that are being applied in market research, sales, HR and CX. Prior to joining NEUROHM in 2013, Jacek spent 7 years in retail banking working for several institutions in Poland, first as financial markets and macroeconomic analyst, then as project leader and product manager. In 2007 he was appointed Director of Retail Products Department in Postal Bank and since then he has held managerial positions in retail banking as head of product and business process development units. He was also responsible for running sales department and managing the whole retail banking division of a medium-size bank. Jacek holds a MSc degree in Finance and Banking and a MSc degree in International Economic Relations, both from the Warsaw School of Economics.

Agnieszka Ułasiuk

Project Management Advisor

She began her career in the Talent Acquisition team at Nordea. Agnieszka holds a Bachelor's degree in Management from the University of Warsaw and is currently doing her Master’s in Germany. At VAIOT, for three years, she was supporting the project and operational management with a focus on product development process as well as regulatory and sale-related activities. Currently acting as an Advisor to the Company helping to structure new projects from a Project Management perspective.


advisors and specialists in the area of cryptography, artificial intelligence, blockchain, business administration, law, marketing, graphical design, user experience, software development and more

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