Client case study: Supra Bazar

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Client case study: Supra Bazar

We are thrilled to announce that VAIOT has secured the deal for the pilot implementation of an AI Voice Commerce solution with Supra Bazar.

Supra Bazar is an iconic retail-store, a family business that was born over 55 years ago and grew into a network of retail stores in Belgium. Supra Bazar owners actively search for the latest innovations to enhance their eCommerce capabilities, especially with COVID-19 stimulating the expansion of new digital distribution channels, boosting sales volumes significantly

The deal between VAIOT and Supra Bazar consists of a pilot implementation of an innovative, intelligent sales and customer services channel. VAIOT’s Sales and Customer Service Assistant will be delivered to the Client as a Voice Commerce solution that allows the customers to acquire goods and services using voice in the existing Supra Bazar’s digital channels to enhance sales and the service quality using AI.

The Parties agreed to start the Proof of Concept project, followed by pilot implementation and finalized with a few end-user testing and feedback rounds.

VAIOT will share more information on this Client’s case study in the near future.

Supra Bazar: