VAIOT Roadmap

  • The idea of VAIOT is born

    A group of researchers and technology enthusiasts comes together to work on the technology of Intelligent Contracts and the VAIOT product concept.

  • Founding of VAIOT

    VAIOT is founded; technology development and the concept creation process accelerate. Development and business teams are formed.

  • VAIOT joins the world’s first integrated framework for ICO regulation

    The company is incorporated in Malta to become a part of the world’s first integrated framework for ICO regulation.

  • Launch of the first, private round of funding for the VAIOT Project

    The first round of funding successfully launches, to accelerate further development of the VAIOT Project. The initial investment round brings 1,500,000 EUR.

  • VAIOT and Maltese VFA Act

    Preparation of all the required documents for VAIOT to become one of the first companies to carry out an Initial Virtual Financial Assets Offering (IVFAO) falling under Maltese regulations.

  • VAIOT-IBM project launched

    VAIOT and IBM launch a development project to produce VAIOT’s MVP.

  • Private phase of the sale of VAI Tokens and VAIOT’s Whitepaper is registered with MFSA

    VFA status to be obtained and the private phase of the token sale to be completed.

  • VAIOT’s Initial VFA Offering launched

    Initial VFA Offering is launched once the Whitepaper is approved by MFSA.

  • VAIOT application MVP to be presented

    The initial phase of the VAIOT-IBM cooperation to be completed.

  • Extending the Intelligent Contracts database and working on the launch of the Virtual AI Sales Assistant

    Extending the list of agreements forming the database for the contract generation engine. Virtual AI Sales Assistant (VAIOT’s business line 1) prepared and ready for market launch.

  • Virtual AI Sales Assistant

    Business Line 1: tailor-made mobile app for companies seeking new, digital sales channels utilizing the Intelligent Contracts component. Crucial for the development of the AI Legal Assistant (data needed to improve algorithms).

  • Virtual AI Insurance Aggregator & Broker

    Business Line 2: a B2C mobile app allowing consumers to compare and buy insurance products from different insurers with the use of the voice interface and AI-based Intelligent Contracts developed by VAIOT. Crucial for the development of the AI Legal Assistant (data needed to improve algorithms).

  • Virtual AI Legal Assistant for Consumers  - Easy Contracts Assistant v1 (MVP)

    Business Line 3: a B2C/C2C mobile app enabling consumers (incl. private entrepreneurs and micro/mini enterprises) to create Intelligent Contracts utilizing natural user interface, with advanced AI serving as a personal legal assistant for creating contracts and negotiating them in real-time between the parties involved; to be used for drafting other legal documents (e.g., testaments).

  • Microsoft's CLU Integration for AI Legal Assistant

    VAIOT integrated Microsoft CLU, Conversational Language Understanding, into its AI Assistant in order to build the user journey through specialized dialogue flows throughout the contract creation experience.

  • Polygon Mainnet Launch

    VAIOT launches its private blockchain on Polygon Edge while integrating with Polygon's mainnet for its blockchain functions.

  • AI Legal Assistant – Legal Research, Compliance and Contractual Design Project with Grant Thornton

    Grant Thornton and VAIOT created a dedicated research and development project focusing on the fields of law, compliance, and legal documentation design for the sake of staying at the cutting edge of potential for development of the AI Legal Assistant.

  • Contractual Blockchain Intelligence (CBI) - Development and Integration with AI Legal Assistant

    VAIOT developed and integrated a mechanism allowing to record the contractual terms from a legal contract created by the AI Legal Assistant directly on the blockchain as part of a smart contract. Such a smart contract is then readable through VAIOT's Contract Reader without the necessity to posses programming skills.

  • VAIOT's Contract Reader Development

    The frontend application for end-users to use VAIOTs Assistant is simply called the Contract Reader. It Lowers the barrier of entry for the average user, empowering those without the programming, coding, or even blockchain knowledge to decode both the contracts and their terms with ease. Within the Contract Reader, users can even generate onchain data certificates allowing 3rd parties to confirm specific information in a contract without revealing the whole document.

  • GPT-4 Integration for AI Legal Assistant

    VAIOT's AI Legal Assistant integrates GPT-4 and CLU enabling smooth, in depth, and intuitive conversational flow both in and out contract creation. The database of VAIOT's instance of GPT-4 contains a vast legal knowledge base of the jurisdictional framework of not just Malta, but the EU as a whole.

  • zkSNARKs Integration for Contractual Data Privacy and Certification

    VAIOT recognizes the significance of zk-SNARKs and has integrated them into its platform. By leveraging zk-SNARKs, VAIOT ensures the confidentiality of sensitive information while providing verifiable proof of knowledge. This groundbreaking approach enhances privacy and security, setting the stage for a new era of secure digital transactions and contract analysis.

  • VAI Payback Integration for AI Legal Assistant

    VAI Payback mechanism is integrated with AI Legal Assistant payment flows and user accounts allowing users to earn VAI tokens by purchasing services via the Assistant.

  • AI Legal Assistant v1 Beta Launch

    VAIOT's AI Legal Assistant's first version will include: GPT4, CLU integration, Service Contracts generation, recording contracts on the blockchain, AI-based legal document creation (PDF), crypto payments with VAI, ETH, MATIC, USDT and USDC and more

  • Intelligent Contracts Interoperability

    The development of AI mechanisms allowing the use of other blockchain networks for data exchange, transmission, processing, and storage.

  • AI Legal Assistant v2 Public Display

    The second iteration of the AI Assistant, which will be mobile friendly, will include several new features: FIAT payments, VAI Payback, legal document sharing, Intelligent Clauses, electronic signatures, contract negotiation flow, intelligent document analysis, and much more.

  • AI Legal Assistant v1 Production Launch

    VAIOT's AI Legal Assistant v1 will go live for all users with 24/7 availability.

  • AI Legal Assistant v2 Beta Launch

    V2 of the AI Legal Assistant will be available for public beta testing.

  • AI Legal Assistant v2 Production Upgrade

    AI Legal Assistant will be upgraded to v2 on the production environment.

  • VAIOT's AI Public Administration Assistant Pilot Implementation

    VAIOT will be implementing a White Label version of the AI Legal Assistant for the serve citizens in various Public Administration processes. It will begin with a pilot implementation in one of the EU countries.

  • Development of AI Legal Assistant v3 Commences